About Company

Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. (www.aptreks.com) is a locally trusted, Socially Responsible and Environmentally Conscious Trekking & Travel agency based in Kathmandu Nepal. This company arrange and facilitate for all types of tourism related ventures, like Trekking, Tour, Peak Climbing, High Mountain Expedition and all other adventure holiday activities such as Jungle Safari, Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Cycling, Motorcycle tour, mountain flight. And in addition to Adventure and Pleasure tourism we organize education tour, spiritual tour, agro tour, volunteer tour, wellness tour, pilgrimage tour, business tour, research and documentation, photography and filming, Script and documentary, sports, seminar and meeting. Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited is one of the leading tourism based companies in Nepal. This Company is established and run by a group of experienced professionals since 2004. Our motto is “Let the Native Spirits Grow Locally; Root the sense of Brotherhood Globally”. Our cooperative Endeavor for Global Society Ahead Sustainable Goal for Common Future is an international welfare vision.

Nepal is the homeland of thousands of high mountains above 5000 meters and eight highest mountains above 8000 meters in the world including the world’s highest peak Mount Everest (8850m). Climate and topography raise about 118 ecosystems, 75 vegetation types and 35 forests types, there are 1913 Himalayan peaks above 5000m including 1310 Mountain peaks above 6000m are identified and among them 104 Himalayan peaks between 7591 and 5000m are yet declared unclimbed therefore trekking in Nepal is one of major mountain adventure holiday outdoor activities in the Hills and Mountains. In addition to those all adventure and pleasure holiday activities in the Hills and Mountains there are remarkable cultural set up with an instinctive spirits owned by 125 Castes and Ethnic people they have 123 different languages with distinct tradition and cultures are also the multiplicity in your exploration during the Nepal visit.

Nepal is one of the best selective holiday making destinations for travelers in the world essentially for adventure and pleasure experiences. Besides pleasure and adventure experience in the high mountains and hills, exploring cultural and natural diversity is one another unavoidable features of travel planning package for every individual. We have hundreds of different travel packages for Nepal among them more than 50 trekking, hiking, mountaineering and tour packages and itineraries are recently incorporated the website that are well designed to suit and meet your trekking requirements and interests besides that we have number of tailor-made packages excluded here. Our best guiding principle is the Ideal Tourism Initiative to retain the ethical accountability for sustainable goal. Based on all our planning policy is not the results of intact emotion we are guided and our planning policies goes through under the guiding principles of Sustainable tourism development, Responsible Tourism Initiative based on Local Agenda, 21 for tourism.

We have three different main stream welfare missions to administer under social responsibility of our company based on Triple Bottom line of sustainable development goal, they are; social, economic and environmental aspects. To fulfill those multiple objectives we have been associated the Nepal Eco-Organic Products Private Limited to incorporate the local people in the villages. They are individual or group of farmers including locally established I/NGOs and local bodies of government. Incorporating different entities for collaborative effort locally, economic growth plan based on sustainable agriculture development and environment conservation initiative would be better adapted. All level of local people would be directly involved in tourism promoting agro/village truism along with the quality education development program.

Our first mission goes to enhance particular knowledge and skills regarding ethical practices of sustainable development initiative to our entire team members associated the Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited. To attempt those mission there are ongoing schedules for regular training, seminars, meetings/workshops and field studies. And side by side our trained team members will be participated in several welfare ventures incorporating people from the regions where our tourism ventures take place. Our objectives wise missions are incorporating the people from all sectors and fields of profession with experiences to found the mutual understanding for common goal of prosperity based on sustainable economic growth, social cooperation and promptly enhance the sense of responsible accountability towards environmental conservation locally. Our vision is to establish the company with the sense of brotherhood bridging people from castle to cottage for the prosperous goal of common future obeying all guiding principles of native spirits.

Whatever will be performed based on tourism experiences the ultimate goal of sustainability is a core directive of our company. Our innermost efforts for sustainable tourism initiative integrate the alternative forms of tourism such as; ecotourism, rural (village/community) tourism, health tourism and agro-tourism based on Responsible Tourism Initiative based on triple bottom line; social, economic and environmental aspects directly addressing local issues.

APTREKS.COM “ To Be a best company for complete innovative tourism solutions ethically accredited based on Responsible Tourism Initiative”.

Mission:  To Strengthen tourism opportunities through innovative excellence allocating equitable shares from origin to destinations deriving widespread welfare tourism initiative approach.

Goal: We Establish a Global Family Culture by tourism system, form a common civilization for back to nature.

Values: We strongly oppose each and every conditional negotiation to establish professional excellence. We believe that only an ethical strength can win the sustainable goal for common future.

Our Sustainability Policy

We are going to establish the public collaboration through Goal-Chain approach to practice the sustainable development theory under the social responsibility policy of our company. Our first and foremost initiative is to create triangular cooperation among people from origin to destination such as; prospective likeminded individuals, group of people, governments and non government organizations and our company to cultivate collaborative efforts. We have been associated with two different companies with multiple missionary objectives to achieve the sustainable goal for common future.

Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited the tourism based company and Nepal Eco-Organic Products Private Limited the agriculture based company. Our accreditation regarding sustainable development strategy is to make local people more empowered providing proper education through training, seminars, workshops cultural exchange program to be oriented towards the sustainable goal for common future. Local people are in the fore-ground and they are the first and constant navigator for sustainable development strategy by any means because they local actors. We know that local people need three major things such as; knowledge, trust and persuasion they can create number of opportunities by themselves because they have direct access upon natural resources locally.

Our first initiation take place the knowledge based orientation and building cooperation side by side among people from the world who will be incorporated under our principle the sustainable goal for common future. Exchange the ideas and efforts to found a main pillar to erect the sustainable development platforms under triple bottom line of sustainable development principle, social, economic and environmental. For that reason; our first effort goes to make local people more educated about the importance of genuine issues such as; global warming and unfavorable climate change because of degrading natural and social environment.

We extremely believe that every living creature found in this universe is the creation of nature and their existing life cycle is regulated naturally which has been inherently accepted eco-system. But now our eco-system is not in balance due to degraded natural environment caused by human behavior for the sake of own comfort and sufficiency personalized. Now the fast growing cooperation among people from the world for collaborative effort to conserve and make revitalize the degraded environment in natural form is an essential task.

We directly deliver our contribution generated by ourselves or granted by others to local people and they will bring the thriving in hand positive results to grow the sustainable development movement through sustainable agriculture/agro tourism and environmental conservation initiatives. We constantly bridge the triangular collaboration such as; local people, our company and co-actor individual and organizations linked through tourism or by other means to retain the efficient continuation of sustainable development initiative.