Bhote Koshi Rafting

  •   Trip Grade: Easy


Paddle through extremely channeling rapids and feel the adrenaline rush taking over you. Experience nature and the wild roaring waters at its best with Bhote Koshi Rafting experience. Bhote Koshi is the main branch of Sun Koshi River which flows from Tibet. The Bhote Koshi Rafting experience is easily accessible from Kathmandu and is considered to be one of the most sought after rafting destinations in Nepal.

Bhote Koshi offers the closest Grade 5 Whitewater rafting experience. The triumph of having drafted on the immense white water rapids of the Bhote Koshi surely calls for an experience of a lifetime. Confidence and exhilaration are the main aspects brought forward in the most imposed upon people by this rafting experience. Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition provides all the services for rafting, just come and enjoy this thrilling experience with us, for an adventure of a lifetime.

Paddle into the rapids; experience the wild Nepal and return home with triumph on having completed the exceptionally liberating white water rafting experience in Bhote Koshi. Surrounded by awesome, rugged mountain scenery, this rafting journey is something out of an action movie, waiting to be completed by hands of awesome thrill seekers like you. Come experience true adrenaline rush with the experience rafters of Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition for a safe and wonderful experience.

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