Chitwan Jungle Safari

  •   Destination: Nepal
  •   Trip Grade: Easy
  •  Group size: 2-3
  •  Best Seasons: spring


The Chitwan National Park is the first and the most visited National Park in Nepal. A wilderness of rich ecosystem, with unique species of mammals, birds, reptiles and water animals, makes the Chitwan National Park a must-go-to destination for nature enthusiasts. The Chitwan jungle Safari is an adventure in itself, taking you into the depths of the well preserved the national park and giving you the opportunity to come face to face with the massive one-horned rhinoceros or the majestic Royal Bengal tiger.

Discover the lost world of twisting vines, towering trees, rhinos and lumbering elephants, pythons, crocodiles and brilliantly colored unique birds, deer and if you are lucky, the Royal Bengal Tiger. The jungle safari takes you to the depths of the grasslands, on the back of an elephant or a jeep, to take you deep into the dwelling spot of these natural animals.

Experience Chitwan and its heartwarming Tharu Dance and their culture. Experience the animals like rhesus monkeys and grey langurs living in close proximity to you. Experience the beauty of wild nature and wonder upon how well preserved the national park is. Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition thrives on making your experience in the Chitwan Jungle Safari, something to remember for a lifetime.

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