Authentic and Ethical tourism

Posted On:27 Jan,2024


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the perfect end to a trek in Nepal

Posted On:06 Mar,2017

Daal bhaat isn't only a feast in Nepal. This generous mix of rice, lentil soup and vegetables is the fuel of the Himalaya. Trekkers can stroll for quite a long time over the most astounding mountain go on earth, controlled exclusively by this carb-pressed treat. Notwithstanding, what you don't get while trekking is an immense measure of assortment... Of course, there are minutes where the menu changes, for example, when leaving veggie lover Sherpa lands for the meat-eating slopes of the Limbu and Rai tribes, however generally, dinners are se... Read More

Helpful tips for planning your Visit in Nepal

Posted On:06 Mar,2017

1. Arranged possibility days Regardless of whether arranging your own trek or organizing an outing through a visit administrator, please make sure to plan for 2 to 3 possibility days. The interior flights to Lukla, Jomsom, Pokhara, Taplejung and different regions in Nepal can and will get deferred and scratched off. The exact opposite thing you need is to miss your worldwide association out of Kathmandu! By including a couple of additional days to your excursion will promise some bit of brain and some down time before the whole deal flight b... Read More