Manaslu Expedition

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Come climb the Manaslu with our experienced range of guides and porters. Come experience heaven in the form of Nepal with the Alpine Paradise Track and Expedition and maximize your chances of attaining salvation and a soulful experience at the summit of the Mt. Manaslu. Manaslu means Intellect, or Soul in Sanskrit and was scaled first by a group of Japanese. The thrill of being able to climb the 8th highest mountain in the world is surely a thrilling experience. Amalgamate it with the trek through remote villages, opportunities to mix u with ethnic inhabitants and you have a complete package that will stir your soul and leave you feeling satisfied for a long time to come.


The technical and challenging Manaslu Expedition requires a prior climbing experience mandatorily. Altitude adeptness at higher levels and climbing proficiency, along with a mental preparation to scale the peak is absolutely necessary to complete this expedition successfully. The complete range of services provided by experienced individuals of Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition will surely help you reach your mountaineering goal with no issues. Unfold the fearfully exciting and challenging climbing experience and experience diverse landscapes and the thrill of being close to the wild nature with the Manaslu Expedition.

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