Our Team


(Team Leader)

Spontaneous Inspiration and Positivity is the inborn quality of DILKUMAR RAI, team leader at Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited who solely owned since February, 2011. He endorsed an ideal notion that; it is no matter whether one is from castle or a cottage “Mutual Respect with Purity of Spirit” is must for prosperity of our common future. He has 26 years of experiences with demonstrated history of working in leisure, travel and tourism industry started in 1991 from the early age of 19 years. Skilled in Negotiation, Leisure Travel, Incentive Travel, Coaching, and Hotel Management, Social cooperation is the key to inspiring excellence with sound academic qualification of DILKUMAR RAI (DIL). Graduated Master’s in Innovation Management in Tourism from Salzburg University Austria and in Sociology from Tribhuwan University Nepal. A learnt and highly inspiring individual DILKUMAR RAI (DIL) team leader of aptreks.com has known a person constantly with strong determination. Looking back to his miserable childhood period and achievements he got now is incomparable, despite the poor familial and economic condition during the childhood period; he adored his enthusiasm becoming the first individual completing school level education from his village RAPCHHA SOLUKHUMBU in 1990.

He was not solely engaged in his own education during his schooling time. He used to constantly involving in social awareness campaign from his early school time of primary level essentially in education development and environment conservation encouraged by insights. He took birth at RANGKHABAYA village in 19th August, 1972 about 300 kilometers away by land from Kathmandu which is located about 100 kilometers south-west from the Mount Everest (8850m) world’s highest peak. His professional career in tourism started in 19 years of young age immediately after completion of school level for a placement of porter in 1991. Shortly became an assistant guide and fully responsible with licensed trekking guide in 1996.

From April, 1996 till November, 2010 worked in several trekking and travel agencies with multiple responsibilities such as trekking guide, office manager, ticketing manager marketing representative, sales manager, assistant HRM and freelance research and development for innovation management in tourism. Finally he solely owned the trekking and travel company Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited in March, 2011. These all were possible because of academic qualification, frequently attended tourism related trainings and workshop. Besides tourism he has been involving in social welfare ventures regarding awareness for building gentle cooperation for education and economic development along with environment conservation initiatives based on sustainable development principle and Local Agenda 21 based on triple bottom line through tourism and agriculture.

Achieving higher level academic degree with an extensive knowledge of world class theories with case assessments based on sustainable tourism, eco tourism, and agro tourism including responsible tourism made him confident and determined to formulate the innovative tourism schemes. Having knowledge and experiences of diversified sectors obtained from both practical and theoretical bases and that has been guiding him to attain such a highly remarkable theoretical platform. For that reason since 2017 Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited (aptreks.com) has been affiliated with several local organizations. Involving in social welfare and economic development initiative from the Everest region based in lower solukhumbu particularly in and around Dudhkoshi Valley to found the collaborative effort for sustainable agriculture and agro tourism development. At the same time be linked the social and natural environment conservation initiative through quality education development projects locally.


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SGUIGNA FRANCO: Company Representative in Italy.
SGUIGNA FRANCO: widely experienced individual associated with Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition (P) Ltd. (www.aptreks.com) Nepal. His placement at aptreks.com is with key role to coordinate social network regarding the outbound tourism ventures authorized company representative in Europe based in Italy. He is the promotion consultant and representative for building cooperation and relation in Europe who is duly appointed representative during the course of our relocation and granted the authority to act on our behalf as a company agent, all negotiation, decisions, directions and agreements made by him are bonding upon Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited (aptreks.com) Nepal.




(Administrative Officer)

MAMATA RAI (MAMTA) is an academically sound individual having widely learnt theoretical knowledge about the administrative skills human resource management system and public relation. She is the administrative officer at Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited the (aptreks.com) family. She has been conferred the key role to handle entire indoor and outdoor official dealings. Such as; planning and development, coordination and implementation regarding sustainable tourism, agro tourism based on sustainable agriculture development under rural development initiative. In addition to that, she constantly corresponds and communicates with different individual clients, companies, local people, I/NGOs under the set of vision, mission, goal and values of company.

MAMATA RAI (MAMTA) has completed master’s degree in “Rural Development” from Tribhuwan University Kathmandu, Nepal. She studied major subjects in higher secondary and bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Journalism. She is calm and most determined individual having with equal humanity compassion towards all living beings. She has been oriented towards the moral values of sustainable development ethics well acknowledged the sustainable development principle and guidelines based on Triple Bottom Line, economic, social and environmental issues.

She took birth on the lap of Mount Everest at Taksindu Village Solukhumbu in 19th August, 1989. After successful completion of her school level education from her own remote village she shifted Kathmandu with an extraordinary determination to achieve higher level education for self sufficiency. During her university education she got different fields and roles to perform inline the job placements in Kathmandu before associating Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited the (aptreks.com) family.



(Operation Manager)

A wide range of indoor and outdoor working experiences, with in depth practical knowledge and skills, a licensed trekking guide TIKA BAHADUR RAI has been working in tourism field since last 17 years back based in Nepal, India, Bhutan and China Tibet. He is one of the well educated individual among many other tourism related personnel involving in private sector tourism industry in Nepal. He is associated with Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited (aptreks.com family) for the placement of operation manager imparted him the key roles to regulate the operation management from arrival to departure of clients including staff management during outdoor activities. Monitoring travel documents, tickets, permits and important accessories which would create unavoidable circumstances during the outdoor trip.

He is academically sound, completed master’s degree in sociology from Tribhuwan University Nepal. He acquires a calm manner but his strong determination often brings thriving results in practical field. His innermost conviction is the worth of his success he is more action oriented person, everything he proves over his effort with in hand results. He took birth at RANGKHABAYA RAPCHHA village, Solukhumbu located within the Mount Everest region. He is English speaking trekking guide in addition to that; he can simply communicate in German and Korean languages as well.



Coordinator: Climbing and Mountaineering

TSHERING DORJI SHERPA a legendary mountaineer with the remarkable historical records of glorious victory in adventurous attempt having successful summits of several high mountains including Mt. Everest (8850m) the world’s highest peak. TSHERING DORJI SHERPA is associated with Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited (aptreks.com family) for the placement chief planning coordinator peak climbing and high mountain expedition, in addition to that instructor mountaineering and High Mountain rescue.

He is highly skilled with practical knowledge of safety and security measures having more than 15 years of mountaineering experiences. His first involvement in tourism recorded in 1998 before 20 years back during his early young age. He started to work in tourism initially as a porter and later on being a Sherpa, renowned indigenous people from high mountain regions of Nepal started mountaineering. He is licensed trekking guide since 2002, but encouraged him in mountaineering by successful attempts of several peak summits after completion of basic mountaineering training in 2003. He successfully attempted advance mountaineering training in 2004, basic wilderness first aid course in 2006 and advance level wilderness first aid course 2010. He has successfully completed number of trainings, seminars and workshops regarding mountaineering, first aid for outdoor security with high mountain rescue including environment conservation courses.

He took birth at Chheskam-2, Solukhumbu in 12th October, 1981 on the lap of Mt. Everest (8850m) the world’s highest peak in 1981. He is recognized one the best mountain climbers in Nepal concerning a profound technical skills with deep theoretical knowledge. The successful summit records of TSHERING DORJI SHERPA till the date are stated below.


Sn. Name of Mountains Height Year Season Expedition Team
1 Mt. Lhotse Shar south Face 2007 Spring South Korean
2 Mt. Annapurna Fang 8091 meters 2007 Autumn ‘’
3 Mt. Makalu 8463 meters 2008 Spring South Korean
4 Mt. Lhotse 8400 meters 2008 Spring South Korean
5 Mt. Cho Oyu 8201 meters 2008 Autumn South Korean
6 Mt. Makalu 8463 meters 2009


South Korean
7 Mt. Dhaulagiri 8167 meters 2009 Summer South Korean
8 Mt. Nanga Parbat 8126 meters 2009 Summer South Korean
9 Mt. Everest 8850 meters 2010 Spring South Korean
10 Mt. Kanchenjunga South 8476 meters 2010 Winter Germany
11 Mt. Everest 8850 meters 2011 Spring International
12 Mt. Manaslu 8163 meters 2012 Spring New Zealand


Tshiring’s value towards mountains and mountaineering is quite worthwhile because his concern all about the commercialization of the most adventurous sports with unparalleled experiences of highest altitudes on the earth is an immature deed. When organizing high mountain expedition the most concerning issue is safety and security rather than cost negotiation. Therefore we Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited team ever accumulate the higher level expertise to thrive the level of satisfaction with extended experiences applying guaranteed safety measures.



Senior Support Climber: Peak and High Mountain Expedition

Patience and dedication is the most influencing quality of LHAKPA DENDI SHERPA who is one of the renowned expert young energetic mountaineers in Nepal. LHAKPA DENDI SHERPA is associated in Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition (aptreks.com family) for the placement of senior Support Climber in high mountain expedition. Being Sherpa descendant similar to others he has been involving in tourism from his early young age. Started from the porter guide but unlike others his determination guided him soon to be a mountain guide. He completed all levels of mountaineering skill trainings and by conviction and attentiveness he soon achieved the recognition of best skilled mountain climbing individual with successful summit records of several high mountains including the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest (8850meters).

LAKPA DENDI SHERPA has good knowledge to tackle the potential obstacles occurring in the mountain because he is the most experienced mountaineer with technical and analytical skills of geographical position and weather forecasting system. According to him unlike other adventure sports attempting the high mountain expedition no one can overcome the ultimate risks by self surrendering because the life ends there. In order to obtain life time success with incomparable experiences of mountaineering must not be commercialized at all. Our company’s value goes through “We strongly oppose each and every conditional negotiation to avoid the commercialization of professional excellence”. Successful summit achievements of LAKPA DENDI SHERPA are stated below.


Sn. Name of Mountains Height Year Season Remarks
1 Mt. Lhotse Shar south Face 2007 Spring Summit
Mt. Manaslu 8163 meters 2014 Autumn Up to 6300m
2 Mt. Amadablam 6812 meters 2014 Spring  Summit
3 Mt. Everest 8850 meters 2016 Spring Summit
4 Mt. Everest 8850 meters 2017 Spring Summit
5 Mt. Everest 8850 meters 2017 Spring Summit
6 Mt. Mt. Lhotse 8514 meters 2017 Autumn Summit
7 Mt. Dhaulagiri 8167 meters 2017 Autumn Summit
8 Mt. Tharke Kang 6670 meters 2017 Spring Summit
9 Mt. Everest 8850 meters 2018 Spring 3 times summit
10 Mt. K2 8476 meters 2018 Summer summit

The in-hand competence of Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited (aptreks.com family) is the experienced and skilled indoor and outdoor subordinates with ample theoretical knowledge. He took birth at Chheskam-2, Solukhumbu in 15th January, 1988 AD. The village located near below Mt. Everest the world’s highest peak (8850m).



Mountain Guide/Climber: Peak Climbing and Mountaineering

PASANG TSHERI SHERPA is one of the leading figures of peak climbing and high mountain expedition. He is fully trained with theoretical and practical bases earned number of records with climbing peaks and attempted high mountain expedition summits. His persuasive quality is the core to professional success. PASANG TSHERI SHERPA is associated at Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited (aptreks.com family) for the placement of operation manager particularly for the peak climbing and high mountain expedition in and outside Nepal. He normally coordinates and facilitates all about the preparation of safety and security measures to all climbing crews before and during the climbing period.

He has been involving in tourism since 30 years back started working from early young age of 16 years as porter. Slowly and gradually he became assistant trekking guide and license holder trekking in 2009, involving in active trekking guide he used to lead peak climbing teams with help of timely attempted basic mountaineering training in 2016. He has the history of successful summit of Mt. Everest (8850 meters) the world’s highest peak. The chronology of his successful summit records are presented below:

Sn. Name of Mountains Height Year Season Remarks
1 Mt.Dhaulagiri C2 2011 Spring
2 K2 Pakistan/ Summit C3 2013 Summer
3 Mr. Broad Peak Pakistan 2013 Summer
4 Mt. Everest 8850 meters 2017 Spring
5 Imja Tse (Island Peak) 6183 8 times
6 Mera Peak 6654 5 times
7 Chulu east 6584 3 times
8 Larkya Peak 6010 2 times
9 Lobuche Peak 6119 5 times
10 Ganjala Chuli 2 times

PASANG TSHERI SHERPA is well-made mountain guide with widely practiced knowledge and skills. He is from the lap of Mt. Everest the world’s highest peak Chheskam Solukhumbu, he took birth in 16th February, 1971 AD.


(Mountain Guide and Climber)

KAMI CHHIRI SHERPA is another inspiring team member associated the Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited the (apreks.com) family. He is one of the highly energetic mountain guides among other all. He is practically trained and experienced climber for peaks and high mountains. KAMI CHHIRI SHERPA has started to work in the tourism field since his early young age; he started to work in tourism as porter initially. Soon after he became an assistant trekking guide he started to climb the moderate mountain peaks with the help of senior climbing guides.

Slowly and gradually his currier in mountaineering became the best choice he has successfully history of several peaks and high mountain expedition summit. He has climbed Mt. in 2011 with Japanese group and Mt. Everest with international climbing group in 2018. He took birth in Solukhumbu District on the lap of Mt. Everest the world’s highest peak.



DEEPA RAI is a young energetic team member of Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition who is associated for the placement of accountant with the key role to keep and command entire transactions of company. She maintains every income and expenditure through fully computerized accounting system. She is fully learnt about the computerized account system with good command of calculating tax and vat. She is university student currently studying bachelor’s degree in management faculty from Tribhuwan University Nepal.

She is with the straight forward characteristics having strong determination to accomplish the assigned duties and she is also very interested in tourism and adventure activities. Her attentiveness is an additional motivational factor of Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited the (aptreks.com) family. She took birth at Taksindu, Solukhumbu in 1995, she has been involving in indoor office management and accounting since last three years. She has good knowledge of managing every documenting system of books related different transaction of a company based on business characteristics.


(IT Consultant)

Information Technology is one of the most essential organisms of commercial or non commercial organization and even the individual tasks and transaction for today’s era. Without IT application no one can run business appropriately regarding the time and technique. PRABIN RAI is one of the young energetic team members of Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited the (aptreks.com) family.

His placement in this company is to establish the key role of IT consultant for entire management of data system related to tourism and social network. PRABIN RAI is one of the young energetic team members of aptreks.com family with a highly commanding practical and comprehensive theoretical knowledge in information technology. He is university student studying bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering (Cosmos college of Management and Technology,) Pokhara University, Nepal. He can handle the programming such as; Php, Phython, Java, VB.net Laravel and cakephp (php framework), Django (Framework). and his specialties are; Web Developing, with Special skills of Graphic Designing, Hardware and networking. He took birth at Taksindu, Solukhumbu in 3rd September, 1990. He has also better knowledge about tourism and its area of scopes.


Coordinator: Education Welfare Project

PURNIMA RAI is an individual having strong determination and enduring quality with a wide range of experiences in teaching filed. She is one of the best trained school teachers having multiple theoretical knowledge and practical skills. PURNIMA RAI is associated the Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition Private Limited the (aptreks.com) family with the key role of coordination all about the project planning and implementation regarding the education welfare initiatives. She started involving in teaching field is not because of interest and fulfillment for daily life, that is because of painful history of struggles attempted to obtain the education herself.

It was almost impossible to get access to reach the school education for the children from each and every family at the time when she was born in the village. It could be hardly found a single pre-primary or primary school in a corner of a village was also not equally accessible for all childish age kids. There were multiple challenges being a female descendant of parents because of strongly dominant male preference social conviction. Being a lucky daughter of her parents irrespective to those challenges she got chance to join for school education in a newly established Primary School, namely Shree Sarashwoti Primary School which is 3 kilometers away from her home there was no any means of transportation even not now at all.

She continued her attendants at school up to class five tolerating enumerable physical and psychological challenges walking through jungle with high risks of unpleasant incidents. She shifted to the next school farther away again for class 6 and 7 and again after class 7 there was no school for secondary level for class 8, 9 and 10 so shifted again to the next school found in district head quarter Solu Salleri about 30 kilometers away from her village. Her strong dedication and constant enthusiasm ever resulting exciting success until she has completed school level education. She wandered again for higher level education after completion of the school level, but there was no any option found out. Irrespectively the uncertain circumstance for higher education opportunity, she decided to go to Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal.

There were two major reasons why she went to Kathmandu, because there was no place to join for higher level education not even in the village within the district and another a concealed hope of potential support by those senior college pioneers who previously joined the college for higher education in Kathmandu from the same village. When she reached Kathmandu she got some certain supports such as; sharing the room to stay and food for survival for some limited time period. But still her major issue for further education has been left in dilemma again. But her bold dedication and determination made her to decide appearing the board exam for higher education by self study without joining the college for regular classes because that could cost extra. In the same way she has successfully completed two years of higher level education. Soon after completion of her higher level education involved in some training such as; English speaking and teaching skills which was necessary to get job and started teaching in 1999 at Grammar Public School privately owned English medium School in Kathmandu as a Pre-Primary teacher.

It has been already 19 years of teaching experience during this period she has got chance to teach several different private schools in Kathmandu and at the same time she has successfully completed bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Population Studies. Now she has double Master’s degree in English Literature and Sociology from Tribhuwan University Nepal. She is currently involving in teaching returning back to remote village at Sagarmatha Secondary School, Waku Solukhumbu on the lap of Mt. Everest the world’s highest peak as a sponsored teacher of Class Rooms in The Clouds UK/Nepal.