Responsible tourism

The responsible tourism concept is all about making a better place for people to visit and for people to live in. this requires actions to be taken by the local community, the government, and tourism organizations to make tourism more sustainable. Alpine Paradise Treks and Expedition is focused towards creating a better environment fit for travel and fit for living. We ensure that local people and or clients go hand in hand in making the environment fit to live in.


It has been our ultimate focus to minimize negative economic, social and environmental impacts and generates more benefits for local people by utilizing their creations and supplies. We are motivated towards involving local people to talk about the changes needed in the environment. Cultural and heritage maintenance are important concepts that we consider and we make sure that the local pride and confidence is boosted in hands of tourists.


Responsible tourism is not only affected by local resources but also is maintained b how tourists act and behave. Tourists and our clients are thus included as a part of this process of thinking. We take feedbacks from tourists about the impacts of their holidays on localities and give a clear guideline about what should and should not be done to ensure that responsible tourism is not just a celebrated term, but something that is put effectively into action.